Reflections on what people think of you

* Alhamdulillah, I really feel very good when young girls open up and share their problems with me. I had been doing that in college and now too. They all want to utilise their talents to serve the Deen of Allah. Ma sha Allah, may Allah Guide and Help them all.

It’s sad people judge the young people, not wanting to understand and help and motivate them to change and become better.

The young people need help, someone to hear them, understand, encourage and motivate them. Someone who will advise them sincerely.

May Allah make me a person who helps heal others with His Help, someone who reminds them of Allah and His beautiful Deen. Ameen.

It helps me grow as well, gives me opportunity to gain rewards. Allah’s Help and Mercy. Allah is Great. Allah is Powerful and we are very weak. With His Help, we can do anything. In sha Allah.

* In the past and even now, I have seen that people try to judge and form opinions about you and at times it is completely false,the opposite of who you really are.

Never mind. People judged and will continue to do so. Doesn’t matter.

You were not born or created to please them. You are created to worship Allah and to do that which pleases Him.

* As long as you are sincere and doing right things for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter what the world assumes or thinks about you.
And show off? Why bother showing off, brag or be arrogant about the good you do?

What you are and who you are, Allah knows. That’s enough. People only see the exterior. What’s within, the heart and it’s state only Allah knows. So even if the world thinks you are a saint, pious and great, it is insignificant.

The real judge is Allah. What we do, why we do, He knows. He will reward or punish each one accordingly.
In sha Allah.

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