Relationship with Parents

Your relationship with your parents will determine a lot of things in life.

Alhamdulillah, I have realized that in the past 2 years or so and when I made an effort with the Help of Allah to improve it, I saw positive results in my life. Allahu Akbar. I amonly trying, it is Allah who Helps, guides and makes things easy. We are very weak.

Being good, obedient and dutiful towards parents doesn’t mean that you have to do and agree with everything that they say. No. Obey Allah and His Messenger at all times.

At times, your parents might pressurise you to do certain things due to the culture or societal pressure etc and if you are serious and practising Deen then there might be differences and disagreements but you have to deal with that gently, being very good to them, by being an example of what you believe and preach.

You have to seek the Help of Allah by making dua that they are always pleased with you, that they take decisions which are good for your Duniya and Akhirah. You have to pray to Allah that Allah guides their decisions at every step.

Be good to them. Take care of them. Help them as much as you can. Be polite and gentle. Have good thoughts about them. Make lots of dua for them. Hug them and kiss them everyday. Press their feet or head. Serve them in every way possible.

The duas they give you, your willingness to be good to them no matter what, all this will do wonders in your life, in sha Allah.

No better feeling than knowing that your parents are pleased with you.

You might be sad or not agree with everything. At times people shout and get angry at them. Don’t. Control. Control for the sake of Allah.

Dua does wonders. At times, keeping quiet and making dua to Allah for Help, works wonders and is better than arguing and explaining to your parents.

Allah is Great. Obey Allah and His Messenger and be gentle,dutiful and merciful to your parents. Have a good relationship with them. Make dua for them and take their duas as well.

May Allah help us all.


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