Message for the sisters

Dear sisters,

Have big dreams and goals and aspirations. Have a vision and Plan and Act.

And when the world, the society says that you are a woman how can you do it or who will allow you to do it etc,..whenever they criticize, Remind them,tell them :

“I am a slave of the All-Mighty Allah, of Allah who is in control of everything. With His Help all things are possible.

I am a Muslimah, not like the ordinary women, ordinary women who follow their desires or do what the society expects from them or someone who just marries, gives birth to children,takes care of the family because that is the norm, that is who a woman is.


I am a Muslimah, a slave of Allah, who knows what her purpose of creation is, who has greater goals and aspirations.

I am a Muslimah, who strives to earn the Pleasure of Allah by doing all that Allah has commanded, by putting in my best in everything.

I am a Muslimah, who wants to obey Allah and His Messenger.

I am a Muslimah, who marries to complete her Deen and to do more good with her spouse, to enjoin good and forbid evil together, to raise generations of righteous offspring that will be assets to the world, to the Deen of Allah, in sha Allah.

I am a Muslimah and I will take care of my family and be good to them because that is what Allah and His Messenger commanded and if I can unite, help and transform my own family,with the Help of Allah then in future I can work hard and get experience to unite,help and transform the ummah, in sha Allah.

I am a Muslimah, who has big dreams and goals and no matter what the world, what the society says and expects, I will not give up. I will not give up because Allah is with me, He is enough for me.

As long as I am honest and sincere in thoughts, words and actions, Allah will aid me, in sha Allah. He will make way where there seems to be no way. Allah is enough for me.

In sha Allah, as long as I am alive, till my last breath, I will continue to strive in the path of Allah.I will do my best and then trust Allah, in sha Allah.

I have faith and I will keep praying that Allah helps me to utilise my talents, skills, intelligence, life and all resources to serve His Deen, to please Him.

May Allah Guide me and Help me. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslimah,a slave of All -Mighty, Allah. ”

Leave behind a legacy.

Not because you want people to remember how great you are or because of fame and name.

Leave behind a legacy to earn the Pleasure of Allah, so that people can benefit from what you said and did, so that they remember you in their prayers, so that the good is carried from one person to another.

The Good you do will never be wasted if done for the right reasons and intentions, in sha Allah.


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