Women be focused in life

It’s indeed sad that so many women instead of following their own dreams and goals, they follow what the father or the husband wants or what the society expects from her.

Obeying your parents or your spouse when they encourage you to do good is right but not when it’s wrong.

Dear sisters, you are a slave of Allah, an individual blessed with certain talents and skills by Allah and you have a role to play which is unique.

With everything Allah has blessed you with, do something. Do something that will help you grow,grow closer to Allah, grow as a Muslim, help you to be compassionate and bring out the best and benefit yourself and others around you.

Have a vision. Plan. Act. Make changes or modifications when necessary. It’s all part of the bigger plan. Don’t give up.

Get like minded people together. Act together. Remember your loyalty should be to the Deen of Allah and not to a certain group or institution. That will help you to stay focused and to be sincere, in sha Allah. The outcome will be different, in sha Allah.

And at the same time, pray to Allah for yourself and others.

Obey Allah and His Messenger.

Seek His Help. Do your best and rely upon Him.

With Allah’s Help, anything is possible, in sha Allah.

Dear sisters,don’t lose focus. Don’t forget your purpose. Don’t give up hope. As long as you are alive, you can still do much with Allah’s Help. Struggles will be there but with Allah’s Help, they can be overcome, in sha Allah.

Begin today, begin now. Think about your talents and goals. Sit and talk to people you trust or those who can help you.

Begin. It’s not too late.



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