Allah will respond

Allah will answer your duas. Allah will reward your efforts.

Keep striving in His Path and He will make way where there seems to be no way, He will grant you opportunities in your life, He will Help you to utilise your talents to serve His Deen. No matter what the circumstances or the situation around you.

He is the Greatest. He will respond. He will aid. He will make you victorious.

But you my friend have to be sincere,you have to be dedicated and committed, you have to keep doing your best, you have to keep striving in His Path, you have to rely upon Him, you have to have Sabr.

Live for Him.
Die for Him.

Love and hate for His Sake.

Without Allah, Life is not worth living.

With Allah,Life is worth dying for.

Remember that my friend, remember that.

May Allah make the Akhirah and seeking the Pleasure of Allah our greatest concern. Ameen


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