Don’t hold onto past

One of the reasons why people become unhappy when it is about relationships is because of the fear of past and the fear of change.

People hold onto the past events and people. They are scared that it will haunt and destroy the present and future.

When something or someone better comes along they are scared to commit or try it because they are afraid of change, afraid of taking risks.

You have to realise everything that happened, every person that came into your life was for a reason and a season. That’s past, gone forever.

If you did sincere Tawbah and learnt the lessons, it is time to move on and to try new good things and experiences.

Allah wants good for you but it is you who is not trusting Allah enough.

Realize we are human beings and we don’t know everything, everything that is good for us and everything that is bad for us. We get carried away by emotions, desires and shaytanic whispers.

Allah knows what is best for you. So when someone good comes along, who knows it is from Allah for your good. Who knows it is a blessing from Allah, a comfort, a mercy from Allah. Allah knows best. You and I can only guess.

But Allah has given us intelligence, a sense of right and wrong. And in this journey of life, if you ever find people who want to help you become better and wants your help to be better, if you ever find people who encourage you to do good deeds, to enjoin good and forbid evil, who remind you of Allah then hold onto such people because they are rare. Not everyone is blessed that way.

If you keep them close and in your life, it will be a source of comfort, a blessing and benefit in this Duniya and Akhirah. If you let them go and run away from them, you are rejecting and being ungrateful to Allah for the good He wanted for you.

We all make dua and who knows sometimes Allah sends people He wants in our life as an answer to that dua.

Yes, who knows except Allah. You and I can only guess and keep praying to Allah for granting us good in this Duniya and Akhirah and to bless us with righteous company. May Allah answer our duas. Ameen


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