Stop Thinking. Stop thinking about life, people, circumstances, everything.
Take a deep breath.

Remind yourself why you are created by Allah, why you are here?  What is your purpose in life?  What is your mission in life?  What are you going to do with all the blessings Allah has given you?

Are you living a life of focus, purpose, of a vision and mission?  Are you heading in the right direction?  Check yourself.

Are you obeying Allah and His Messenger ?  Are you at peace with yourself ? Do the people, the Duniya bother you, what they say, think and feel about you, does all that affect you too much?

Are you struggling and striving to serve the Deen of Allah, to learn about it, to spread it ? 

If the answers bother you, make you sleepless. Get up. Do wudhu. Pray two rakat nafil /voluntary prayer and cry and make dua.

Cry and complain to Allah. Share your griefs and sorrows and problems. Cry and make dua.

Ya Allah, please guide me to the truth, to the straight path. Ya Allah, the Duniya, the sins have blinded me, I can’t think straight. Ya Allah, please forgive all my sins.

Ya Allah I am lost and confused and in need of Your. Mercy and Forgiveness and Love and Guidance. Ya Allah, Help me. Ya Allah, I am a human being and I am very very weak. I don’t know anything. You know everything. I can’t control anything. You can control everything.

Ya Allah, I make plans and if they fail, I am sad and hopeless. Ya Allah help me to be content with Your Decree because You are the best of planners. You know and I know not.

Ya Rabb, set all my affairs of Deen and Duniya, Duniya and Akhirah correct. Ya Allah grant me good health, grant me Taqwa and the enthusiasm that is unbreakable and unshakeable. Ya Allah,make me strong and confident as a Muslim and let me trust, love and rely upon You alone.

Ya Allah, this Dunya and the people are not perfect and if I rely upon them, trust and love them too much then they will break my heart. Ya Allah let my heart be filled with Your love and love for Your sake. Ameen.


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