Marriage is about..

A lot of young people when they think of marriage, of choosing a spouse think of excitement, challenges in attaining him \her. Lots of dua, sleepless nights, arguments with parents and elders, etc are some of the things they do.

They do all this for several reasons.

My point is when it comes to marriage, make it simple. Let it be halal, of your parents choice and your choice,someone you or your family knows well or acquainted with.

In my opinion, this will save time and energy from being wasted in unbeneficial things. This same energy and time can be spent in serving the Deen of Allah.

See if you desire marriage for good reasons,halal reasons then you have to stop comparing things and situations with those that happen in serials, movies,fairy tales etc.

Marriage is not just passionate romance,gifts, going out, struggling with family and society to attain the one who you desire to marry or spending whole day together etc.

Marriage is about love, trust, respect. Marriage changes you because you meet and marry and spend your life with someone who has different set of talents,qualities, upbringing that is different from yours. There will be differences, in thoughts, opinions, choices but that is what it is.

Marriage is about thinking of yourself and of the other person. It is also about thinking of the parents of the one you love and marry. It is about overcoming ego and doing things together as a partner where the inputs of both are required in every situation. There has to be a segregation of roles, duties and responsibilities.

Subhanallah, it’s amazing. Allah created spouses for us and made them a source of comfort. I love it how Allah has described marriage in the Qur’an and how He guided Muhammad pbuh that he showed us the way to do it, to show it is practical.

Islam is beautiful and it is indeed a way of life, explaining details of how’s and why’s, do’s and don’ts. Marriage can truly be a great blessing if it is started and lived, if it is based upon the Islamic way.


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