Today, in this day and age, gaining Islamic knowledge has become easy and practising and following it is not common.

Earlier, gaining Islamic knowledge was difficult but the people knew the worth and practised it seriously and sincerely.

May Allah make it easy for us to practice this beautiful Deen.

Remind yourself. Remind everyone. Remind the obstacles and struggles in life.

That you have Allah and He is sufficient for you. That He will take care of everything.

That with His Help, all things are possible and as long as you are striving in His Path, He will grant victory to His Deen and to those who follow and support His Deen.
In sha Allah.

You’ve got to trust Allah.

At times, you might be depressed, overwhelmed, scared of events taking place in your life or about the future.

But if you connect to the Qur’an,you read the ahadeeth, the more you learn about the Deen of Allah, the more you increase acts of worship, your heart will find rest.

Allah will Help you to be patient and to accept His decree, Allah will Help you to deal with everything, in sha Allah.

Remember, Allah loves you, He will do what’s best for you, He knows you, He loves you.

Just be sincere in thoughts, words and actions, in deeds, in worship. Keep striving in His Path and utilise what you have -talents, resources etc to serve His Deen.

And then you will see that life is beautiful, that Miracles do happen. In sha Allah.



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