*Allah loves you and will never let you down even if people do. He is our Creator,our Rabb, The Loving, The Most Merciful.

When you love and trust Him, things will be beautiful and life will be beautiful. Allah is Perfect, All Mighty, All Aware, All Powerful.

When you love and trust people and human beings are weak and we tend to make mistakes and when they disappoint or hurt,we feel negative and hurt etc.

So love and trust Allah.

* You know what is beautiful?

The fact that you strive in the path of Allah and try to be sincere in thoughts, words and actions. You keep persisting Inspite of the criticism, Allah helps you all the way and you see miracles happening, the things you thought were impossible become possible with the Help of Allah.

Allah is Great. The good you do, the duas you make sincerely will never be wasted, in sha Allah.

Trust Allah. Rely upon Him. Keep striving.


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