Beautiful Reflections I had that were a result of the experiences and observations in the past 6 months, Alhamdulillah :

1.Perhaps you disliked a thing all along and it might be good for you and sometimes we fail to realize that. It could be a person, a job, institution etc. No wonder, Allah sent this beautiful Deen showing and guiding us that we need balance in love and hatred.

Made me appreciate the gift of Islam. Alhamdulillah.

2.Never judge people,especially based on their past. This is because Allah teaches and tests each one differently. The ultimate product or change is what counts.

At times, people meet each other and their lives change and the motivation and determination to be better and to do better grows.
And this is something that needs appreciation, encouragement, motivation.

The stories of the Sahabahs make me ponder on this as well . Some really bad people turned out to be the best. Islam changes people. Islam transforms people.

3.Dua is a powerful tool. Allah answers duas if your intentions are good. You have to have the sincerity of thoughts, words and actions.

4.You should never give up on people, never! Even when people criticise, hate or dislike you. Be very patient.

No one is completely bad or completely good. Every one has the good and the bad in them.
And every one has made some mess at different levels. Allah alone knows each one even when people don’t.

Love people for the sake of Allah. Encourage and motivate people to do and be good. Help them realise their weaknesses and advise them sincerely to overcome them. Make lots of dua for everybody good to you and bad to you.

5.Never feel depressed or sad. Why? Because you are a Muslim and you are aware and you know that your Rabb is Allah. And if Allah is with you, nothing can ever go wrong. He is sufficient for us. Ask Him sincerely and He will respond.

6. Don’t be sad when you don’t get what you want. Be patient, make Dua. Allah has plans and He is the best of planners. Things will work out beautifully if you have Tawakkul that HE knows and will do what’s best for you. In sha Allah.

7.You have to be the change, the winds of change if you want to bring change. When it’s apparent in your akhlaq, in your character, Allah will make it easy for you and you will see people getting attracted to your mission, purpose and vision. In sha Allah. Let your actions do the talking.

May Allah Guide us all.


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