Reflections 25.10.14

If you are determined,hard working and sincere, Allah will Help you to achieve your goals. In sha Allah.

Why worry when people question or criticize?

If they say it’s impossible. Seek Allah’s Help and strive hard and show them it is possible.


Dear sisters fear Allah

Dear sisters,

Don’t fear your father, don’t fear your brother, don’t fear your husband.

Fear Allah.

Fear Allah when you feel like taking that hijab off. Fear Allah when you feel like plucking your eyebrows. Fear Allah when you don’t fulfill your responsibilities.

Fear Allah when you disobey Him. Fear Allah when you commit sins. Fear Allah.

Leave it to Allah

Leave it to Allah.

Yes. Do your best and leave it to Allah.

Don’t think or worry about it afterwards. You did your best and that is what matters.

Allah judges based on intentions and irrespective of results. You will get reward or returns, in sha Allah.. Not always the way you want it but better as He knows what is best for you.

Don’t worry, don’t grieve.
If you are sincerely striving in His Path, if you are sincerely making sacrifices for His Sake, to earn His pleasure then it will never be wasted, in sha Allah.

Reflections on what people think of you

* Alhamdulillah, I really feel very good when young girls open up and share their problems with me. I had been doing that in college and now too. They all want to utilise their talents to serve the Deen of Allah. Ma sha Allah, may Allah Guide and Help them all.

It’s sad people judge the young people, not wanting to understand and help and motivate them to change and become better.

The young people need help, someone to hear them, understand, encourage and motivate them. Someone who will advise them sincerely.

May Allah make me a person who helps heal others with His Help, someone who reminds them of Allah and His beautiful Deen. Ameen.

It helps me grow as well, gives me opportunity to gain rewards. Allah’s Help and Mercy. Allah is Great. Allah is Powerful and we are very weak. With His Help, we can do anything. In sha Allah.

* In the past and even now, I have seen that people try to judge and form opinions about you and at times it is completely false,the opposite of who you really are.

Never mind. People judged and will continue to do so. Doesn’t matter.

You were not born or created to please them. You are created to worship Allah and to do that which pleases Him.

* As long as you are sincere and doing right things for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter what the world assumes or thinks about you.
And show off? Why bother showing off, brag or be arrogant about the good you do?

What you are and who you are, Allah knows. That’s enough. People only see the exterior. What’s within, the heart and it’s state only Allah knows. So even if the world thinks you are a saint, pious and great, it is insignificant.

The real judge is Allah. What we do, why we do, He knows. He will reward or punish each one accordingly.
In sha Allah.

Relationship with Parents

Your relationship with your parents will determine a lot of things in life.

Alhamdulillah, I have realized that in the past 2 years or so and when I made an effort with the Help of Allah to improve it, I saw positive results in my life. Allahu Akbar. I amonly trying, it is Allah who Helps, guides and makes things easy. We are very weak.

Being good, obedient and dutiful towards parents doesn’t mean that you have to do and agree with everything that they say. No. Obey Allah and His Messenger at all times.

At times, your parents might pressurise you to do certain things due to the culture or societal pressure etc and if you are serious and practising Deen then there might be differences and disagreements but you have to deal with that gently, being very good to them, by being an example of what you believe and preach.

You have to seek the Help of Allah by making dua that they are always pleased with you, that they take decisions which are good for your Duniya and Akhirah. You have to pray to Allah that Allah guides their decisions at every step.

Be good to them. Take care of them. Help them as much as you can. Be polite and gentle. Have good thoughts about them. Make lots of dua for them. Hug them and kiss them everyday. Press their feet or head. Serve them in every way possible.

The duas they give you, your willingness to be good to them no matter what, all this will do wonders in your life, in sha Allah.

No better feeling than knowing that your parents are pleased with you.

You might be sad or not agree with everything. At times people shout and get angry at them. Don’t. Control. Control for the sake of Allah.

Dua does wonders. At times, keeping quiet and making dua to Allah for Help, works wonders and is better than arguing and explaining to your parents.

Allah is Great. Obey Allah and His Messenger and be gentle,dutiful and merciful to your parents. Have a good relationship with them. Make dua for them and take their duas as well.

May Allah help us all.

Allah facilitates and helps

Trust Allah and have faith in Him. And do your best. You will be successful. In sha Allah.

Trust and have faith in yourself alone and you will be a failure.

Allah makes things easy, Allah makes way where there seems to be no way. Allah makes your efforts successful.

You and I are nothing and no one. We are just flesh and bones. We are weak and incapable.

But with His Help, we become capable, productive and successful. Allah is Great. Allah is All-Mighty.

May Allah help us all to make a difference in the world.

Message for the sisters

Dear sisters,

Have big dreams and goals and aspirations. Have a vision and Plan and Act.

And when the world, the society says that you are a woman how can you do it or who will allow you to do it etc,..whenever they criticize, Remind them,tell them :

“I am a slave of the All-Mighty Allah, of Allah who is in control of everything. With His Help all things are possible.

I am a Muslimah, not like the ordinary women, ordinary women who follow their desires or do what the society expects from them or someone who just marries, gives birth to children,takes care of the family because that is the norm, that is who a woman is.


I am a Muslimah, a slave of Allah, who knows what her purpose of creation is, who has greater goals and aspirations.

I am a Muslimah, who strives to earn the Pleasure of Allah by doing all that Allah has commanded, by putting in my best in everything.

I am a Muslimah, who wants to obey Allah and His Messenger.

I am a Muslimah, who marries to complete her Deen and to do more good with her spouse, to enjoin good and forbid evil together, to raise generations of righteous offspring that will be assets to the world, to the Deen of Allah, in sha Allah.

I am a Muslimah and I will take care of my family and be good to them because that is what Allah and His Messenger commanded and if I can unite, help and transform my own family,with the Help of Allah then in future I can work hard and get experience to unite,help and transform the ummah, in sha Allah.

I am a Muslimah, who has big dreams and goals and no matter what the world, what the society says and expects, I will not give up. I will not give up because Allah is with me, He is enough for me.

As long as I am honest and sincere in thoughts, words and actions, Allah will aid me, in sha Allah. He will make way where there seems to be no way. Allah is enough for me.

In sha Allah, as long as I am alive, till my last breath, I will continue to strive in the path of Allah.I will do my best and then trust Allah, in sha Allah.

I have faith and I will keep praying that Allah helps me to utilise my talents, skills, intelligence, life and all resources to serve His Deen, to please Him.

May Allah Guide me and Help me. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslimah,a slave of All -Mighty, Allah. ”

Leave behind a legacy.

Not because you want people to remember how great you are or because of fame and name.

Leave behind a legacy to earn the Pleasure of Allah, so that people can benefit from what you said and did, so that they remember you in their prayers, so that the good is carried from one person to another.

The Good you do will never be wasted if done for the right reasons and intentions, in sha Allah.

Women be focused in life

It’s indeed sad that so many women instead of following their own dreams and goals, they follow what the father or the husband wants or what the society expects from her.

Obeying your parents or your spouse when they encourage you to do good is right but not when it’s wrong.

Dear sisters, you are a slave of Allah, an individual blessed with certain talents and skills by Allah and you have a role to play which is unique.

With everything Allah has blessed you with, do something. Do something that will help you grow,grow closer to Allah, grow as a Muslim, help you to be compassionate and bring out the best and benefit yourself and others around you.

Have a vision. Plan. Act. Make changes or modifications when necessary. It’s all part of the bigger plan. Don’t give up.

Get like minded people together. Act together. Remember your loyalty should be to the Deen of Allah and not to a certain group or institution. That will help you to stay focused and to be sincere, in sha Allah. The outcome will be different, in sha Allah.

And at the same time, pray to Allah for yourself and others.

Obey Allah and His Messenger.

Seek His Help. Do your best and rely upon Him.

With Allah’s Help, anything is possible, in sha Allah.

Dear sisters,don’t lose focus. Don’t forget your purpose. Don’t give up hope. As long as you are alive, you can still do much with Allah’s Help. Struggles will be there but with Allah’s Help, they can be overcome, in sha Allah.

Begin today, begin now. Think about your talents and goals. Sit and talk to people you trust or those who can help you.

Begin. It’s not too late.


Be focused oh people

Don’t forget your purpose.

Don’t let your heart get too attached to anyone other than Allah.

Otherwise anything or anyone other than Allah will dominate your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Anything and anyone other than Allah will get the love and passion and sacrifices.

And if we don’t get back what we expected from others we will be disappointed, suffer from pain,heartbreaks etc.

Expect from Allah alone.
Love and sacrifice for Allah alone.
Live for Allah alone.

You will be happy and at peace with yourself and every one around, in sha Allah.

Be focused.
And you will have no regrets, no guilt,no hopelessness in life, in sha Allah.

Focus on your relationship with Allah

Focus on improving your relationship with Allah and you will see that all other relationships will be fixed, in sha Allah. Be it in the house, with family or workplace with colleagues and boss or the society.

Because you will fear Allah and not wish harm for anyone, you will want to benefit them for the Sake of Allah, you will want for them what you want for yourself.

The expectations, reactions, criticism,hurt,indifference, pain,praises, flattering etc won’t make much of a difference,in sha Allah.