Allah is my Rabb

I know that there is only One True God, Allah and He alone is worthy of worship. I know He is the Greatest, the Just, the Best of Planners.

Just like the trees, the mountains, the hills, the rivers the seas, the animals,the rocks, the scene I am looking at, is perfect. So will my life because Allah created all that and Allah created me. In sha Allah.
Just like only trees, lush, green, dense forests would make the scene incomplete, a little less beautiful and the rivers, seas, rocks -the rugged areas, the moving water and the stagnant water make the scene perfect. So will my life, with the happy and sad moments, with the moments of hope and despair, with the moments of love and fear,with the temporary success and temporary failures.

Allah is my Lord, my Rabb.
No matter what happens, what comes up, He will give me the strength, the courage, the Sabr to face it, to overcome it,to be victorious, in sha Allah.

Allah is my Rabb, Allah is sufficient for me.


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