Mom proud of her children

I met the mother of one of my students who is an all-rounder,ma sha Allah. She has a 3 year old brother who is also very active and intelligent, ma sha Allah.

This is what she said :

“I am so happy and proud of both my children. Wherever they go, whoever they meet, they surprise them. Ma sha Allah, they sing nasheeds beautifully, even the little one, they can converse in Arabic, the basics now,their concepts in english studies are clear and their personalities make them stand out at home and outside, among other children. I am so happy. ”

Ma sha Allah, I rarely hear such things. She is a hard working lady, full time house wife who takes out time and leaves house work in the evening to teach them. She serves her in laws well too.

What an example to the children. So much to learn from parents, ma sha Allah.

The girl has leadership qualities, loves to lead in rhymes and nasheeds, loves to help her classmates and those younger than her.

So much potential, talents in our children, ma sha Allah. May Allah make them confident strong Muslims. Ameen.


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