A Muslim woman

A Muslim woman will never settle for too little in life. She has big dreams, goals and aspirations.

A Muslim woman has a purpose and a vision. She will work hard and strive to fulfill them.

The life of a woman of the world revolves around fashion, career -positions, income, fame, shopping, figure, opposite sex, revealing her body..living to have fun, party, shop, cook,bring up children, gossip and backbiting about in laws.

So many cases like that.

But the life of a woman of Akhirah revolves around striving to please her Rabb, to serve the Deen, to utilise her talents to serve the Deen and to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah, to raise generations of righteous, healthy slaves, to love and be compassionate towards one and all, to be assets and role models and raise children who will be the same, in sha Allah.

Your choice.


Are you a woman of the world or a woman of the Akhirah?


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