Don’t run away from people

Earlier I would run away from social gatherings, from people. Now I enjoy Alhamdulillah, I really look forward to them.

I feel if I stay among them, I can understand them, I can understand their issues, thoughts, concerns.

I want to make them aware of their good qualities, the potential they have to make a difference in the world, to live a life of purpose and to have Tawakkul in Allah during good and bad times.

I enjoy, Alhamdulillah. The reason why I love organising fund raisers or islamic competitions etc is because I want them to feel for causes,for others and work together. I want them to feel confident about being Muslim, about practising Islam.

In sha Allah, I want to be a social reformer and I want to do it through teaching, writing and public speaking. Alhamdulillah, I have dreams, goals and aspirations that are high and difficult to achieve but I have faith in Allah. I will not give up. May Allah help me to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah.

Please remember me in your duas.


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