Don’t give up on people

Don’t give up on yourself or people.

No doubt there is a lot of evil but the evil people are successful because the good people are silent.

Good people are not determined, not strong enough. This is because they don’t speak up or they are confused or they trust themselves.

Work hard, Trust Allah, ask for His Help and you will be successful, in sha Allah.

If you are passionate about a social cause, if you care for the ummah, work hard, be with them, understand them,help, motivate and encourage them.

Make them realise that they are created by Allah so they are not useless or good for nothing. Make them realise they are precious, they will have an impact on the Duniya, a positive one if they know that the purpose of creation is to worship Allah alone. Make them realise that they are there to enjoin good and forbid evil, to benefit mankind for the sake of Allah.

Remind them of the stories of prophets and sahabahs and how Allah Helped.

Do not give up. For change will come, in sha Allah. But remember it starts with you, when your heart will change, your life will change, the lives of people around you will change, society will change, times will change, history will change.

May Allah help us.


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