Cry before Allah, not people.

Crying before people has no benefits. Crying before Allah has so many benefits.

Realize and admit your weaknesses to Him. Know that only He can Help.

You are the slave and He is The Creator, the All-Mighty, All-Powerful.

You are weak and can’t do much but with His Help, all things are possible.

You can’t control anything. He is in control of everything.

Cry before Him. Ask Him for all your needs and wants.

Ask Him for Help,for guidance.

Allah will answer your duas. He will do what’s best for you.
Allah will Help you to be victorious over people who plot against you or wish harm for you.

If you have Allah, you have everything and you can have everything. Without Him, you are a loser, both in Duniya and Akhirah.

Trust Him. Worship Him. Ask Him.

Allah is sufficient for us.


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