Mentally and physically challenged

People tend to mock and make fun of people who are physically or mentally challenged and it so sad that even educated people do it.

We are human beings and slaves of Allah. How can we forget that others have feelings too and Allah is watching us?

Today I attended a wedding and it is so sad that the girl I know she sat next to me and we were together all along. She is quite younger to me but she is my friend. We are always happy to see each other.

Alhamdulillah, her mum said she is so happy to meet me and at home asks her mum if she could call me and talk to me.

Even when she was talking to me or holding my hands or falling on me,people were staring even though they knew. How inhuman is that?

I love her for the sake of Allah and I am grateful to Allah that she is my friend and that every time I meet her or talk to her, she is so happy. Allah is Great and Most Merciful.

Please dear sisters and brothers, think about it. Allah tests us differently and just because you are not tested that way doesn’t mean you won’t care or mistreat others.

It’s sad so many people do it. Please don’t. Be good to them, make them feel happy, give them your time, love and care. It won’t be a waste. Try it. In sha Allah, Allah will reward you.

May Allah cure her and grant her parents reward for the care and love. Ameen


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