Two of my students

I really love two of my students,one in Burooj,Alina -a 13 year old and one in my school, where I teach,Bushra- a 5 year old . Ma sha Allah. I love nasheeds and they too.

Anything I teach them,they learn fast. No matter how difficult the lyrics or the tune, if it’s in my voice and when I sing with them,they imitate me.

I taught Alina,”We love  Muhammad ” and then “Wonderful World ” and Bushra “Our Guide is the Qur’an ” (Arabic and English).
It’s strange and remarkable to see them copy every small and big detail.

Subhanallah! May Allah Guide them and bless them.

A reminder to myself first and then all of you that we have to be so careful. Reminds me of what Ustadh Nouman Khan said in a khutbah.


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