Don’t settle for too little oh sisters

As women, sometimes we settle for too little. Why not have a vision? Why not dream big and achieve your goals.?  Remember with the God touch anything is possible.

You,dear sister,are a slave of Allah too,you too are created to worship Him. You too have to utilise your talents to earn His pleasure and to serve Him.

The society might say that the most important thing in a girls life is marriage but remember it’s not the end and the purpose.

I will give an example, in sha Allah. As a girl you might be told to unite your own family, have good manners, maintain peace because “tumhe DOOSRE ghar jana hai” or “log kia kahenge ” etc.

I don’t believe in that. I mean why settle for little!?

You should have good manners, you should maintain peace and unite your family and people around because it will be a preparation, a training to unite the ummah in future, in sha Allah.

The family is the smallest unit and if it is united then the members of the family can together do so much to benefit others and unite the ummah.

And also because you are a slave of Allah and you have to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil as mentioned in the Qur’an.

Remember you are a slave of Allah and your purpose is to worship Him.

Don’t let the society fool you or force you to believe otherwise. Please please don’t settle for too little.

Nothing is impossible, believe me,nothing is impossible for the one who believes in Allah and works hard.. Keep striving!


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