Questions from students

I love it when my juniors and students ask questions and good questions I mean, that indicate they are thirsty for knowledge. It happens in school, burooj, college and people I know, ma sha Allah.

And many a times I don’t know the answers and those are moments I really thank Allah for because those are opportunities for me to learn and grow,to ask people who know more and to find answers.

Once a student asked “but miss you are a teacher and you don’t know ” I said, “remember dear, only Allah is All-Knowing. ” I make it a point to tell people that if you questions please ask me. If I know, I will try to give a sincere advice in sha Allah and if I don’t know, I will ask people more knowledgable than me and get back to you. Allah is the Greatest and Helps me. I am nothing and no one special. He is GREAT.

Alhamdulillah for those moments. I realise there is so much to learn, so much to know. Knowledge enriches you.

May Allah grant us knowledge that is beneficial. Ameen


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