Muslim youth confused

I feel sad for Muslim youth, at their state because they are confused about Islam due to the culture that people tag along with this beautiful way of life. I remember even in college so many young girls would come up and ask questions.

One of the reasons why Muslim youth are not serious about their Deen and not confident about it and not proud of their identity is because they don’t know what the real islam Is!  Also,the madhabs and sects thing drives them crazy, they are so scared.

They might wear the hijab to college but take it out when parents are not around. This is because it is all mechanical and they do it because to many it is something that the father wants or the society will criticise. They don’t know and don’t see it as something ordered by Allah who knows and wants the best for us.

May Allah Guide us all and grant us the correct understanding of this beautiful way of life so that we can live productive, meaningful, purposeful lives . Ameen

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