Women can influence men

I often wonder..

As women -daughters, sisters, mothers, wives we can influence men. Alhamdulillah! 
Unfortunately, that power is often misused. When a woman wants to go shopping for clothes, gadgets or to follow a certain trend or fashion she convinces the men around her but when it comes to wearing hijab,saving money, doing good deeds,avoiding haram,doing social work etc she doesn’t use that power.

Many a times I have heard women say “but my dad or my husband won’t allow or doesn’t like”  I heard this when it came to hijab, plucking eyebrows, social work and I told myself how foolish is that and what a waste of power!

Only if we used that power to bring about good, to obey Allah and His Messenger, it would be beneficial, it would earn us reward and the Pleasure of Allah, in sha Allah. 

My dearest sisters, Do not misuse that power. Use it wisely to increase your good deeds and to earn the Pleasure of Allah. May Allah help us all. Ameen


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