Father’s are special

Ma sha Allah,father’s are wonderful !

Alhamdulillah,for my dad. Since childhood,he has supported me even when I am unsure,afraid,doubting myself.

Especially when it comes to social work. And when it involves brothers,he is ready to help. For Muzaffarnagar relief items,Mom and I had collected funds,bought stuff,got it packed. And dad took care of contacting them,delivering the huge boras and guiding the brothers till the end. Really !

And yes his famous quote,”It is just a comma not a full stop” when I see social work becoming difficult for me sometimes and I wrote an article on that.

Or when it comes to following Deen and when I face criticism,he is like,”Koi baat nahin. Sab kehte rahenge. Tum apna karti raho.” He is the 1st person,I share my IOU and Burooj knowledge with.

Every day he asks me,”how was ur day?”,”which articles did u write today?”

Alhamdulillah,his words and presence encourages me,gives me strength and confidence.

What amazes me though is he never gets angry and his behaviour with all women-shy and polite. A man like that I cant imagine today.

With dad,I can discuss any issue and Alhamdulillah for that. I see so many girls unable to share and discuss with dads. I dont know why ! They wont open up.

I realized when you love and are close to your father,you feel secured and confident. Was telling dad that.

Alhamdulillah for my dad,a role model and inspiration. Ma sha Allah.
May Allah bless my dad and all fathers. Ameen


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