Visit to an orphanage

Alhamdulillah,one of the best Sunday’s of my life !
Visit to orphanage and attending 2 orphan girls’ wedding.

While interacting with the committee members,supervisors,warden,nurse,staff and girls,I learnt so much,Alhamdulillah.

I saw a little girl Sania,about 8 years old crying and hugging a lady near the gate. I asked her why she was crying. The lady explained,”Her mother is a nurse,her father passed away. I am her khala. She had gone home for vacation and now school would reopen so she had to come back.”

I told her,”Come Sania,we will go together and meet your friends.” Her aunt told her go and show Api your mother’s photograph. I nodded.She agreed. Then she asked her aunt for money. She took Rs.20.

Holding hands,we went to her room on 1st floor. We greeted others with salam. She opened her bag and took out a photograph from a wallet.
It was her mother’s photograph and she hardly met her.

Then all the kids surrounded us. I told them I wanted a photograph with them and they all shouted,”yay,chalo jaldi khade ho jaye.”
So beautiful to see them smiling,ma sha Allah.

Then accompanied by the girls,I went to see the brides. We teased them a bit and then took a photograph. The brides were happy and getting ready as baaraat was coming.

Then we all got a bit serious and did some “hard work” together. Pouring sharbat and water in glasses and older girls distributed among ladies. Two male staff served men.

We took Biryani and firni packets inside a room and arranged them so that it can be distributed easily later on. Alhamdulillah,so much fun.

Later,5 girls were telling me,”Api,jiju ke liye wait kar rahe hai humlog. Joote churane hai.”

Then I spoke to the supervisor.

She was an interesting and inspiring young lady. Ma sha Allah.

She wanted to start an NGO few years ago. She wanted to do something for her society. She went to the bastis and paras near her house and asked the parents to educate the kids. They said we cant even pay Rs.5 per week for education.

So she requested a man who had a 1 room office. The office would close at 5pm. He allowed her to teach kids of that area from 5 to 8 pm everyday. She taught them Eng and Arabic alphabets. When she needed books,she bought them. The man saw and he allowed her to use the computer to teach and he paid for the books.

Her mother’s health deteriorated and she had financial problems. She told some teacher to teach but felt that not everyone teaches from the heart to the poor. So she came here and her financial issue was resolved and her dream came true.

She aspires to be a speaker and has given dars in urdu in many known places. Unfortunately,she couldnt continue studies after 12. Wants to continue Islamic studies in urdu in the little time she gets. Works and stays in the orphanage 24 hours.

Inspiring lady,ma sha Allah. Took her number,want to help her. Have a few options in mind. If any1 has suggestions or advise please feel free to contact me.

Lessons learnt:

*We have a lot to be thankful for. So many blessings we take for granted.
*Our problems are nothing. When we visit such wonderful places and meet such wonderful people,our perspective changes. We get strength to face life challenges.
*Interacting with people is not bad if you have a reason,vision and mission.
We meet inspiring people,real heroes who have struggled and faced life challenges and overcome them.
*By knowing them and sharing their stories,we get inspired. The world needs to know them.
*We think that by visiting such places or meeting and helping these people,we are doing something great. No ! Allah is giving you opportunities to gain reward,he is making doing good deeds easy for you. He is giving you opportunities to learn and be inspired.
*It was my dream and I believe that we should go and volunteer at these places with family whenever possible. If you can go to the movies,picnics,parties,malls with your family,why not orphanages,old age homes and other social causes ? Why not earn reward together ?

May Allah bless all the people,the committee and staff who is working hard,taking care of orphans and giving time,energy and resources. May Allah bless,guide and reward the children. May Allah Help us to benefit from these experiences and opportunities. May Allah accept our little efforts. May Allah make doing good deeds easy for us.Ameen.