Leadership in school

Today problems arise because people want POWER,they want to be powerful,they want to have “control” over things.

People do not focus on “leadership”. Leadership is about vision,responsibility,motivation and creating more leaders.

Talk about the monitress of the class,captain of a house,prefect of a classe,head girl of a school,General secretary of a college or treasurer or president of an institution or the so called “leaders” of a country- everyone wants power !!

They use the positions to fulfill their “selfish” motives-increasing bank balance,enslaving people,getting their work done.

My concern is that if at school and college level,there is so much corruption how do we expect “corruption-free” leaders at the higher levels ?

These very people who are indulging in wrong things at the lower levels or are exposed to it and not corrected or guided ,might grow up and become corrupt leaders in future.Unfortunately,at school level it is not addressed.

I had written an article on “A Leader” after passing out from class 12 and my experiences being a part of student council. After passing out from college and being an active student,Alhamdulillah,I got so many opportunities to interact with people and I will write based on those experiences too,in sha Allah.

Whether it was class 10 or 12,I realized that majority people take it very lightly-the “badge” is important and yes ofcourse the fame and respect that comes with that badge !

Also,people continue the trend that is set-good or bad,doesnt matter to the “leaders”,what happens to the people under them is not their concern.

There is the need to realize that with position comes responsibilty. That position,that fame has to be utilized for bringing about as much good as possible,to benefit people and the school/college in as many ways as possible.

We cant expect good leadership at higher levels if we have corrupt,selfish leaders in schools and colleges,believe me !!

It is a shame ! The kind of “politics” that take place,the cheating,the bribing…unbelievable !! Many a times,the teachers do not know because some students have a double personality. Allahu Akbar !

Unfortunately,nobody has ever addressed it. I wonder why ? So many years have passsed..so many school and college leaders passing out and it didnt strike anyone ?

Is it that people never thought about it or is it that people did not care ?

I wonder. I wonder.


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