Mentally and physically challenged

People tend to mock and make fun of people who are physically or mentally challenged and it so sad that even educated people do it.

We are human beings and slaves of Allah. How can we forget that others have feelings too and Allah is watching us?

Today I attended a wedding and it is so sad that the girl I know she sat next to me and we were together all along. She is quite younger to me but she is my friend. We are always happy to see each other.

Alhamdulillah, her mum said she is so happy to meet me and at home asks her mum if she could call me and talk to me.

Even when she was talking to me or holding my hands or falling on me,people were staring even though they knew. How inhuman is that?

I love her for the sake of Allah and I am grateful to Allah that she is my friend and that every time I meet her or talk to her, she is so happy. Allah is Great and Most Merciful.

Please dear sisters and brothers, think about it. Allah tests us differently and just because you are not tested that way doesn’t mean you won’t care or mistreat others.

It’s sad so many people do it. Please don’t. Be good to them, make them feel happy, give them your time, love and care. It won’t be a waste. Try it. In sha Allah, Allah will reward you.

May Allah cure her and grant her parents reward for the care and love. Ameen



It is easy to repeat history but difficult to create history!  May Allah make us of those who create history, to bring lots of positive changes. Ameen

Repent and start afresh

No matter how many sins you have committed, no matter how many mistakes you have made, you still have a chance to improve yourself, to be better, to repent and seek Allah’s Forgiveness.

Do not see despair of the Mercy of Allah. Only He can forgive your sins.

The past is gone. Don’t worry about it. Live each moment to the fullest. Be productive, lead a purposeful life that is pleasing to Allah, our Creator. Allah will take care of the future, in sha Allah.

Patience and persistence

Sometimes we get too desperate for things and when we don’t get them we become hopeless or depressed.

Don’t be sad. Allah knows and He will send the right things at the right time, in sha Allah.

Be patient and persistent in dua and efforts. He will not let it go to waste, in sha Allah.

Patience and persistence

Sometimes we get too desperate for things and when we don’t get them we become hopeless or depressed.

Don’t be sad. Allah knows and He will send the right things at the right time, in sha Allah.

Be patient and persistent in dua and efforts. He will not let it go to waste, in sha Allah.

Don’t settle for too little oh sisters

As women, sometimes we settle for too little. Why not have a vision? Why not dream big and achieve your goals.?  Remember with the God touch anything is possible.

You,dear sister,are a slave of Allah too,you too are created to worship Him. You too have to utilise your talents to earn His pleasure and to serve Him.

The society might say that the most important thing in a girls life is marriage but remember it’s not the end and the purpose.

I will give an example, in sha Allah. As a girl you might be told to unite your own family, have good manners, maintain peace because “tumhe DOOSRE ghar jana hai” or “log kia kahenge ” etc.

I don’t believe in that. I mean why settle for little!?

You should have good manners, you should maintain peace and unite your family and people around because it will be a preparation, a training to unite the ummah in future, in sha Allah.

The family is the smallest unit and if it is united then the members of the family can together do so much to benefit others and unite the ummah.

And also because you are a slave of Allah and you have to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil as mentioned in the Qur’an.

Remember you are a slave of Allah and your purpose is to worship Him.

Don’t let the society fool you or force you to believe otherwise. Please please don’t settle for too little.

Nothing is impossible, believe me,nothing is impossible for the one who believes in Allah and works hard.. Keep striving!

Expect from Allah

Life can be strange. Allah sends people into your life for a reason and a season and some are blessings and some are lessons.

Be a very positive individual even if people hurt you. People can be very harsh at times but even then forgive them and make dua for them. Don’t hold grudges. It doesn’t help. Once you’ve learnt the lessons then move on.

Hope for the best, pray for the best and strive to be the best.

Want the best for yourself and others too because you are a slave of Allah and you should be good to earn His Pleasure, people shouldn’t matter. Yes,pray for the people, work for them, work with them but don’t expect any return or reward from them. Expect only from Allah.

Dua and hard work

When you want something with all your heart and for good reasons, what do you do?  Do you just keep wishing that it would happen or do you work hard to get it?

Make lots of Dua. Pray Tahajjud. Let your food, drink, lifestyle, income be halal. Seek through halal means. Do istikharah.

And after you have done all this and after doing all that if you get what you desired Alhamdulillah and if not do not lose heart, Allah will give you something even better.

Trust Him. He will never let you down. He wants the best for you.

Only He can answer your dua and give you what you want, in sha Allah.

Role of dad too

One thing I fail to understand is that when the child goes to the father to ask something then the mother assumes that the father is incapable or it will be inconvenient for him and then the mother will complain that the father doesn’t fulfill his role!  Strange!

The father has a role too and the mother should learn to trust the father. Even for feeding, changing nappies or making the child sleep.

Two of my students

I really love two of my students,one in Burooj,Alina -a 13 year old and one in my school, where I teach,Bushra- a 5 year old . Ma sha Allah. I love nasheeds and they too.

Anything I teach them,they learn fast. No matter how difficult the lyrics or the tune, if it’s in my voice and when I sing with them,they imitate me.

I taught Alina,”We love  Muhammad ” and then “Wonderful World ” and Bushra “Our Guide is the Qur’an ” (Arabic and English).
It’s strange and remarkable to see them copy every small and big detail.

Subhanallah! May Allah Guide them and bless them.

A reminder to myself first and then all of you that we have to be so careful. Reminds me of what Ustadh Nouman Khan said in a khutbah.