“Feeling bored,lonely ?”

Many a times I see girls and boys posting-“Feeling lonely”,”Feeling bored”,”Listening to…(romantic or dirty abusive songs)” etc..

I keep wondering why they say and do that ! It is either that they have nothing productive to do in life or no purpose or they are trying to get the attention of the people and may be more specifically of the opposite sex. And when they get comments,the reactions many a times makes it apparent.

Allahu Akbar ! I am talking about a lot of cases and mostly I know them,not strangers.

Dont you have a purpose,a goal in life ? Dont you have better things to do than show the world how lazy and idle you are ? Dont you have self respect that you fall down so low and act cheap ?

And then some will post weird pictures of themselves ! Allahu Akbar !

Please understand you just have 1 shot at this life,make the most of it or you will regret for eternity ! And there will be no 2nd chances,mind you.

Have a purpose,a goal. Aspire High. Dont settle for little. Aim High. Work hard to achieve your goals.

If you have nothing productive/useful/beneficial to do then just sit or lie down and reflect on your life,nature or make silent prayers to God or do some light excercise or read or surf good things.

If you are genuinely interested in someone then dont be cheap and expose your images and seek attention. Approach with respect,good intentions through elders.

I mean come on,we are human beings,dignified individuals. Be sensible.

And remember,your life is your message to the world so make it inspiring. If you are going to do all the wrong things-drugs,dating,alcohol,porn etc then you are harming yourself,harming others and the society as a whole.

Dont forget what you do affects people around and has an impact-positive or negative,but it will have an impact. You need to act responsible.

Otherwise,you will regret in this world and the Hereafter. Moreover,when you do wrong,you are contributing negatively to the world. And then you complain that the world is bad..dont forget you contributed too. And when you dont try to improve or reform,the future generations face the consequences and they will blame you the way you blame your elders.

Problems will keep increasing and no solution at all.
Please,please wake up.

You know you are not that bad. You might discover a lot of good in yourself if you try hard to resist and stay away from the environment that induces bad. And by praying to God regularly and acting how the conscience dictates.

Change your company,the means of entertainment,the leisure activities. Will help a lot,in sha Allah.

May Allah Help you. Ameen.

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