Lead by example

Talking about education of any community …the desire to reform and bring change has to start with an individual or a group of people,who are determined,focused.

Those willing to take initiatives to educate the poor and less fortunate people of the same or different community or to spread awareness and encourage those who can afford good education.

I do not know if you are aware of this,but there are many students,women and old people who teach people in their area. It has to start somewhere. We cant just be happy with our degrees,our lives and do nothing to achieve the good we desire for the fellow human beings. We cant say “but i am too busy” to do that. If you cant give time,fund it or provide space or promote or spread awareness.

If atleast 1 person in each area thinks this way and wants to work hard and is sincere.. Believe me,change will come. God will Help such people,people will extend support by providing venues or funds or equipment for events.

To bring the change,we have to be the change as individuals,we have to initiate.

Do not just complain if you are doing nothing for your society,if you are not playing a positive role,if you are not being an asset to the society in any way.

May Allah make us people who are assets to the societies and not liabilities. Ameen.

With the Help of Allah,anything is possible.


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