Social event or meeting the opposite sex ?

A very common thing we see these days. We see girls and boys attending and volunteering in programmes,fetes,fests,social events and Ma sha Allah that is good.

But what is disturbing is that there are many who do to flirt,impress opposite gender,meeting,laughing with them..having fun and good time.

When a talk is being delivered they do not focus on points,issues.. They fidget with their hair,hijab etc. All the time they are trying to look good. If they work hard,they want the other to see and to impress. When you give them work due to their consciousness they dont do it well.

The purpose is lost ! What is the use ! These are problems that need attention. They have bothered me ever since class 8.

Youth have lost focus. We express ourselves to impress ! That is the sad reality.

Dear Muslim youth,you need to understand you are not here to just enjoy and have fun and if its haram then no way !

You are in this world for a purpose. If you are going to be so distracted,how on Earth will you make changes and benefit others ? You have to have a good personality,character and manners.

Incase you have bad thoughts,you have to remind yourself that you are a Muslim with a purpose. You have to be careful and sensible.

And when you still have a tough time,think about this-that girl or that boy who you are trying to flirt with or are interested in,if he or she is not destined for you then it is somebody elses husband or wife. Would you like someone doing that to your husband or wife ?
Definitely No !

Please,please think about it. And remember my words before you act or given in to your desires. May Allah protect and guide us all. Ameen


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