Deen and Duniya together

*Knowledge alone cant remove problems. Hikmat(wisdom) is required and that comes with Amal(action).Prophet Muhammad pbuh had knowledge and hikmah and that is why with Allah’s Help,he solved the problems that existed in society.

*Cases around me-A boy gains knowledge becomes an engineer,doctor etc and then wants lakhs as dowry and that creates social problems.

A girl gains knowledge and becomes a teacher,doctor,engineer then arrogance creeps in.. Her expectations and demands rise etc. She wants to be rich,wants a big house,car,shopping and if the husband cant afford it creates problems.

*When we have the knowledge of Duniya and correct,authentic knowledge of Deen,it will be a different thing altogether,in sha Allah !

It will help us to lead a productive life. It will give us a focus,a purpose, a mission.

*We need to understand. With only worldly education,we will lose the Akhirah and lead unhappy lives full of problems. With only Deeni education,our survival in the world,among people will become difficult.

The solution is the middle path,get both. No extremism,mind you. The Sahabahs in addition to the Deeni knowledge they would learn and were good at other fields and things. Abu Bakr r.a,Uthman r.a,Aisha r.a,Khadijah r.a come to mind as I have studied about them and I am sure there are others.

May Allah grant us success in both worlds. May Allah grant us a good understanding of His Deen. Ameen


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