Topics and Ideas for talk on youth issues

*Just like what you post here regarding goals and having mision and vision. Kids need it as they’re not focussed what they want or where they want to land up

Muslim kids are not able to understand or accept tat we can’t allow certain things like revealing clothes late parties etc. And also they are confused regards their sexuality and alienate themselves from social gatherings etc…..Also they lose their confidence coz of all this and give in to peer pressure for many things
How and why to maintain distance from boys or girls is imp.

*Madiha u can discuss morality. A teacher is a teacher of history and science later, she is a teacher of values first. If we are honest, I if we study sincerely, if we humble ourselves to those whom we learn from we are actually practicing religion. It’s not only practiced in mosques and churches. Besides science does not have a conscience but we humans have. Science can produce weapons of mass destruction and science is capable of producing stuffs beneficial for humanity. Hence its imp to become a good human being first and doctors and engineers later. Madiha u can discuss about the purpose of education as well. It should not be to earn more money but rather to become conscious of what is right and wrong.
U can elaborate taking tips from Quran and sunna.U can also discuss expansiveness of hearts.

*One should not be shallow and think about oneself or one’s community rather think about humanity. Your heart should ache for every oppressed human. U should help any troubled person irrespective of his religion,etc etc in whatever capacity u can
Don’t think he is a Muslim or a hindu or Christian but think he’s a human. Isn’t that what Islam is all about Madiha? Didn’t our prophet come for all mankind
U can also discuss balance.

*From parents perspective just talk about how this is an age when kids feel confused – do they need their parents or are they independent? They are grown up at times as well as kids at other times. So instill the idea of talking & being in communication with elders. Whether it is about dilemma in studies, friends, relationships, etc. Just talk to the parents and keep them in the loop. They are the source and will u/s them the best. Give e.g. from your / other’s lives.

*Balancing ones work and play. There are students -excellent in academics but relationship with parents miserable.Very successful on one side but absolutely lost on the other.

*You could also explain about how certain things which are considered cool nowadays actually isnt.Like using crude language, swear words.You could explain to them how these things lead to a person being undignified and not respected…you could teach them to try uplift their conscience n to listen to it..coz actually everyone has a conscience which directs them to good but often we end up supressing what our conscience directs us to do or think.

*I m sharng an incidnt wd u all. I always hv ds cncern that d youth r targt of evry dirty busines n markt. N theres no 1 to listen to them,to addres them. We r blamd by all.So isues r nevr shard.I was surprisd wen a 14 yr old came to me.And told me,pls dnt judge me. Sum cuzin is aftr me,told me he luvs me. I am scard. I dnt knw wat to do,hu to tell.Wat shud i do? I cant tel my parnts? Ppl wl judge me. Pls help.After d session she told me wen evry1 left.In colg too,ppl were frustratd bcoz if they go n share their cncerns wd parnts,restrictns are imposd,they r misundrstd.N who wl listn to them? Advise them?They dnt knw hu to go to.8 yr olds say to mums dat wen i play wd males,kuch hota h mumy.We hv made thngs difcult fr ourselvs.I m getng in2 dis field bcoz i c d need.No1 wants to b der n fill d vacancy.N i dnt want youth to b helples,misguided,uncard for.Bcoz it wl make them unproductiv.N we as an ummah cant afford dat.