With all the Sad news around..

Whenever I see or hear bad news-murder,rapes,killing,violence..the pictures and information anywhere.. I feel sad.. It is depressing. For so many days,I was thinking what to do ?

But Alhamdulillah,I am an optimist. I cant see and hear and live with so much negativity around me. Its depressing,demotivating.

Makes you lose hope and give up.

Why not choose to be an optimist ? After all our Rabb is Allah. He is the All-Mighty,All-Powerful. We humans are weak.

Lets keep striving in His Way. Lets Repent and Reform ourselves and the world around us. Let us trust Allah,the One in Control of Everything.

With His Help,we cant lose,in sha Allah. But we have to make ourselves worthy of it,worthy of that Help.

The Deen of Allah will be victorious. Let us hold on tightly to it and live it.

Make lots and lots of Dua,sincere dua. Dua is the weapon of the Believer. Pray for our brothers and sisters all over the world-the ones oppressed by enemies,the struggles of the reverts,the pains and difficulties of the physically and mentally handicapped,the lost and depressed souls.

May Allah grant us victory. May Allah ease our pain. May Allah guide those who harm us. Ameen


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