Ban social media ?

Its my personal opinion,Muslims shouldnt ban social media,no matter who owns it. The dirty works of the enemies of Islam is being exposed and the world made aware.

If both ways look negativ then we should choose the one where muslims would benefit.

So many non muslims speaking up for justice and against Obama,Israel,Bush and other enemies of Islam.

This is the hot market..a medium to make anything viral.

If we leave them then they will spread anti islamic news viral and it will be double harm..Killing in gaza plus anti islamic stuff made viral.

So if we stay and expose the truth,in a market where truth and falsehood both can sell. Why not ?

Why not stay and expose them on their own property?

Come to think of it. Think of the bigger picture.

“Banning” is a term many Muslims love. Ban google ! Ban fb ! Ban youtube ! And god knows what ! Yes and then we will again be termed the backward community.

Fb is a good thing if we use it well. I see it in 2 ways,1st non practising muslims exposed to Deen. 2nd non muslims exposed to Deen.

E.g.1st,a non practisng muslim wouldnt go to a halaqa or learn quran or about deen but being online they see Islam presented in a nice way in newsfeed.Many friends are like that.

2nd e.g. A non muslim wouldnt hear of Islam if you sit and tell. But if truth appears in newsfeed no choice. Their eyes will fall on something. Again friends and teachers like that.

I wouldnt leave it because now i am understanding how it is working.

I as a muslim would rather grab the opportunity and expose the truth and spread it. Come on,lets be smart and creative. We are not doing anything haram,not spreading violence. We are talking about Islam,peace !

Why should we hide ? Why run away ?

Be smart. Be confident. Be Muslim.

As long as we live and act according to Islam,we have nothing to fear.

It is the enemies who fear us,fear the Deen of Allah. They know,History..history my friends is a witness. Musa and pharoah,Ibrahim and the king,the Battle of Badr and others.

Allah’s Deen will be victorious. It is just a matter of time. Lets hold on tightly to the rope of Allah. Lets unite our families,societies and the ummah. Let us repent. Let us reform. Victory will come,In sha Allah !

Remember,the Deen of Allah will be victorious. Believers will be successful. 🙂