Studying FQH 101

Alhamdulillah,being able to study BAIS from IOU is indeed a great blessing ! It was my dream to study about madh-habs. I know it is only FQH 101 and there is much more to come,in sha Allah ! Excited,looking forward to it !

In the last 3-4 years,I realized I really wanted to study Fiqh,about Madh-habs because it broke my heart to see people fighting over it,certain people prohibiting others from praying in masjids,people hurting and abusing each other over this…the extreme loyalty and intolerance,the hate speech etc.

The extremism,hatred etc..It never made sense. I know in my heart that Islam is beautiful. It is about
love,peace and brotherhood. Madh-habs started and evolved for a reason but the purpose was forgotten and thats why issues arose. Madh-habs are there for a reason. But the attitude of many towards is wrong.

As I read and learn and try to understand,with Allah’s Help.. I can see the beauty of Islam,the religion of Allah.. With Allah’s Help,I am able to admire Islam.. I am enchanted,really !

But it is sad that we humans make things worse. We make life difficult for others and for ourselves. Allah has made the Religion easy. Islam is a way of life.

Islam is about loving and caring for your brothers and sisters in Islam,wanting for them what you want for yourself. Islam is beautiful,really !

May Allah Guide me and us all and increase our knowledge. May Allah make us of those who will unite the ummah and benefit the Ummah for His Sake.Ameen.