Kids at play

Ma sha Allah,it is beautiful to see children playing. One thing I have been observing for some time in kids who are older say 5 to 8 year olds the way they behave with kids younger than them… They think they are older and behave in a responsible manner. They are sensitive and concerned about the kids younger than them.

Example:When a 6 year old boy plays cricket with a 2 year old girl..he bowls in a manner that she can hit and make runs and he cheers for her and she feels happy.

The 6 year old is a child and the 2 year old too. It is beautiful to see kindness,care,concern for others in these cases. They might be siblings,cousins,students in a school. But at that age,ma sha Allah,such love,such concern is worth admiring.

May Allah bless all the children of the Ummah and make them loving,caring,compassionate individuals. Ameen.


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