Be an opportunist

How many of us complain if we have to pick up or wash that 1 extra plate or fold 1 extra cloth or check 1 extra copy/assignment or help someone with their work if our work is done ? How many of us do that ?

Think about it. When we deal with people around us-at home,at workplace,at gatherings..anywhere, and it so happens that we have to do bit extra..majority of us complain.

We think it will be a burden. It will make us tired,take up our time. We think,”Why should I help? No one helps me when I need it .” or “The world is bad,people are bad. Why should I be good,”pretend” to be good? What will people say ? ” (In Gujrati,there is a term “dori”-dori banech)

Sad.. Very Sad.

*Why not help others ? You wont lose anything by helping others !

*Keep doing good deeds. You never know which of them could be your ticket to Jannah.

In such situations,the incident of Abu Darda r.a. and the date palms comes to mind. One of my favourite stories and one of my favourite Sahabi.

I love the fact that when that man refuses to give the orphan 1 tree for a tree in Jannah. He runs to that man and offers his entire beautiful garden for that 1 tree from him.

What Eeman ! Really ! Such an opportunist. He wasnt asked/offered/told anything by anyone. He saw the opportunity and grabbed it. And then we know that Prophet Muhammad pbuh gives him the good news that his Jannah is full of date palms !

Really,what a story ! This incident comes to my mind very often when I feel lazy to help or not in the mood or doing my work.

When we say the term opportunist,to many it will give a negative image. But in Islam,it could have a positive meaning. We could be opportunists racing towards seeking the pleasure of Allah,to get Jannah.

Look around you. Keep your eyes,ears open. Look out for opportunities to do good,to help others,to do a good deed that people run away from or dont want to do.

Become aware of your surroundings,of people around you. Be sensitive and alert. Observe how they think and react. When you sense,when you feel they need ready,willing to help whole heartedly and sincerely to earn the pleasure of Allah.

Do not be afraid of what people think,say or feel. Many a times,you will be misunderstood or get a rude reply or no response. Doesnt matter !

Have a big,forgiving, compassionate heart ! Do not give up. Keep looking for opportunities to do good and grab them.

Benefit others for the Sake of Allah. And you will be benefitted. The satisfaction,the joy to be able to serve others. The promise of reward and your problem being solved and receiving Allah’s Help should motivate you !

Islam is beautiful and so perfect ! Allah is Great and worthy of all praises ! None is worthy of worship except Him !

Being Muslim is a great blessing ! Alhamdulillah !

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