Serving parents

Parents are a blessing,Alhamdulillah. They do so much for us and we do nothing !!

The attitude of many youth towards parents is strange..disturbing !

*They are ashamed to go out with parents and of their parents company. They think they are very educated and smart and it wouldnt look nice or what will people say.

I am not making this up. Infact,I have seen how certain sisters and brothers behave when in malls,restaurants,gatherings etc in their parents company.

*When we were young,our parents did everything they could do to give us a comfortable,happy life,taking care of our needs. When we grow up,we tend to forget the favours they did and we distance ourself from them.

We forget that as they are growing old,they need us too. They need our company,support-emotional/financial,love,care.

An example that might appear insignificant. Think about it. I see it in school and so the thought came. When a child’s diaper leaks or he is dirty or hurt..the parents are so concerned. They still pick them up,hold them close,console them. They dont feel dirty. Also,when it rains heavily,parents pick up their children as soon as they see dirty water or when they see danger around. But its sad that many youth when their
parents grow old and they might need help-taking them to the washroom,cleaning them,helping them do things..they feel ashamed,they dont have time,they feel dirty to touch.

*When we were kids and we would fall ill,our parents would get so worried. They would take us to the doctor,remember to give medicines on time,stay up at night,press if our body pains..when parents fall ill or are hurt or injured,we think they are old enough and they will manage and can take care of themselves. We forget that it is our duty to serve them.

*When anyone in the world does anything for us,we thank them,express our gratitude to them,remember their favour upon us. We forget to thank our parents !

I remember a khala (maid) we had a year back. She had worked for many years in our house. My mom made something to make me happy and I was really very happy. I couldnt stop thanking her. It made my day,that gesture from her.

Khala tells me,”Beta,tumhari mummy hai. Unka to farz banta hai.”
I said,”Khala,agar mummy ki jagah koi aur hota-friend,teacher,rishtedar ya koi paraya to usko main thank you bolti.
Log dusro ko thank you bolne ke liye cards or gifts dete hai. Ye to meri mummy hai. Inko to jitna bhi thank you bole kam hai.”

She was like,”Beta sab koi tumhari tarah thori na sochta hai.”

I said,”Khala,agar koi nahi sochta ho to iska matlab ye to nahi ke jo sahi hai wo nahi karna chahiye.”

I was amazed how people have certain ideas and they take normal behaviour to be strange!

Our parents make so many sacrifices for us. It is our duty to serve them,to be the best to them,to have the best speech and not use harsh words.

There is no shame in serving parents,pressing their feet,serving them food or your help,offering them water,accompanying them to halal places.

So what if you have done post grads or ph.D,you still have a duty towards them,to serve them.

May Allah make us dutiful towards our parents and grant us tawfiq to serve them in the best of ways. May Allah Help us to be obedient to them when they call us towards good. Ameen

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