Be an individual of principles

When something bothers you so much,why not try very hard and sincerely..and change it ?

Why be ok with everything ?

Set standards. Be an individual of principles. Dont tolerate and let everything happen the way it has been always.

Change yourself and others and things and situations for the better.. To benefit and be productive..for yourself and the people around you.

Many a times people will object to change and criticize and create problems..because either they dont care or are ignorant or too lazy to do something or whatevder the reason.

Be firm. Be strong. Look ahead. Plan ahead. Think of the big picture.

When your intention is good,Allah will Help you,in sha Allah. Even if you are alone or few in number,Allah will give you strength,He will Help you.

Allah is Great. May Allah make us strong individuals who stand up for what is right even if it means standing alone. May Allah make us people of good character and of vision. May we benefit people for His Sake. Ameen.


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