Do not let Makeup define you

*Make up can make a person look unnatural and yet people love it so much ! Imagine looking at someone with full makeup and the same person without makeup.. those very people feel awkward and will not feel comfortable without it or thetnatural way. Also,people have a weird way of looking and behaving with you then.

*I would often see how people in school and college or in events would feel when not with makeup-they feel out of place,lack confidence. How can people be afraid and hesitate when not with makeup,i.e.naturally ?

*Natural is beautiful. Be confident and happy with features,skin that Allah has blessed you with. Why beautify yourself with chemicals ? And pretend to look beautiful or better ?

*Beautify yourself with good manners and good character,with Islamic way of life and you wont have to pretend. You wont have to pretend to be good and beautiful. You will naturally be good and beautiful. You will have a unique personality (A Muslim is meant to be unique,different ! ).

You will shine wherever you go and stand out from the crowd.

*I am not saying make up is bad. I am saying dont let it define you. With it or without it,you should feel and act the same way. Unfortunately,thats not the case with majority. They are so dependent on it.

*While organizing and being part of events in college and my area,I have realized something. People because they are so conscious of makeup,they hesitate to help,to work hard,to volunteer ! Their movements are awkward !

*Dress well,dress modest. But remember that makeup,that dressing shouldnt prevent you from helping the poor or rich,from volunteering in good things-Anywhere and Anytime !

*On a similar note,I want to mention “Eyebrow plucking”. Almost every girl wants to do it. If someone doesnt then she feels conscious,she is criticized. Allahu Akbar ! It is not permissible so no ifs and buts.

Be confident. Be Muslim. You are obeying Allah and His Messenger. Why should you feel afraid ? Why feel ashamed ?

Islam is the truth. When you practise it,when you live will give you strength,in sha Allah. Allah is with you and there is no one who can harm you or defeat you,if He is with you.

When you have Allah,without makeup,without plucked eyebrows you can be unique,you can make a difference,influence others and stand out.

Be proud and confident of Islam. Islam is the truth. There is nothing you should be ashamed of. Allah is The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and of all things that exist. Be grateful to Him that you are a Muslim and aware and know who God is ! Be grateful and happy that He sent a role model,Prophet Muhammad to show us how to lead a good ethical life.

Really,how blessed we are ! Be confident and proud to be a Muslim,to be blessed with Islam.

Dont hesitate to share the truth and to live it. Make it a part of your life and your life will change,you will be transformed. You will be able to influence,inspire and bring positive change in others,in sha Allah.

Islam alone can transform individuals,societies,nations from worst to best. It is a way of life. Live it.


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