This is me

I wanted to study about madhabs as I didnt like the arguments that took place on a daily basis. I am doing bais and then plan to do mais,in sha Allah. Besides that I will be doing diplomas in child psych and other related topics. I am teaching in an Islamic school and I am d head there Alhamdulillah,where my target,goal is to create and include in the can worldly topics be taught with an Islamic touch.

I loved all subjects in school and in the last few years,I reflect and write on what I have learnt from different subjcts or can a topic in math be taught with an islamic connection. Thats how I wanted to study but there is no such syllabus in school. I am working on it.

Alhamdulillah,I am a teacher at Burooj Angels,where I get to plan,put up events,interact with kids and youth.

Also,I am a part of Street Dawah Kolkata,Peacetv:a call towards Islam pages. Alhamdulillah,I have started an all female karate class for Muslim youth in my area and planning to start in few other places with support from Indian school of Martial Arts. Besides that I write,do dawah,share my audios in my groups on youth and women topics.

Thats all. Nothing much. I wish I could do more. I pray Allah puts barakah in my time. I want to be a social reformer.. I want to make the muslim youth realize what potential they have and what they can do and their role ! I want women to understand their role and I want youth and women to feel confident about Islam as it is the truth and solution to all problems and if we want to be assets to the world,contribute to positive change..we have to bring Islam in our lives and live like a Muslim. Act like a muslim. May Allah Guide me and Help me. Ameen