Sports a stress buster

Love Sports ! A stress buster for me,Alhamdulillah.

I remember,in college,when I would go a little early in the morning before classes or during break before practicals,I would play cricket,throwball,badminton or basketball and it would be a pleasure. I would feel better. If I didnt find anyone to play,I would simply take out the stumps and practise bowling . I miss Cricket so much !

Joy of playing sports,Alhamdulillah ! Lol and the stares and sometimes comments,”Didi,you wear burkha and play ?” and one junior would call me,”cricket didi”…lol ! Or if they saw me marching,they would be like,”didi,you do marching?!”

I wonder why would wearing an abaya,stop me or anyone from playing sports ! Rather,I would feel good and confident as a Muslim youth,Alhamdulillah.

Whether it was Marching for Squad or leading the College cricket team or my B.a/ team in inter stream cricket… I loved it and hijab is a part of me. I love and I am proud to be a Muslim. Alhamdulillah. Indeed,Islam is the greatest blessing in my life !

May Allah Guide me. Ameen.


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