Muslim youth,what’s your goal ?

I have seen this very often. When a Muslim youth is asked:

“What is your goal ? What is your mission in life ? What is your purpose ?”

For so many,the reply is: “I GUESS I will do this and then maybe that.” or “Well,I want to do this but I dont think I can.” or “Why worry ? Aray kuch na kuch to ban jayenge !” or ” Abhi to yeh kar rahe hai,baad mein dekha jayega” and so on.

(I will be addressing the sisters views/story/perspective as I have interacted with many sisters in school,college and elsewhere and discussed this,Alhamdulillah.)

There are sisters who are pursuing engineering but dont know what to do next. There are sisters who love studying about food,cooking and are taking up geography or english. There are sisters who love public speaking,social work,writing but they studied extensive science subjects.

There are so many talented,passionate,determined sisters who want to do so much but they lack a purpose..a goal in life. They dont have a vision. And so they end up where it doesnt make sense what to do or they are fed up or they lose hope or consider themselves worthless or they waste time and become very unproductive youth. We as an Ummah cant afford that our Muslim youth become unproductive or purposeless ! May Allah protect us.

I was one such youth till bsc 2nd year but Alhamdulillah,the khutbahs I kept hearing and the discussions I had,the articles I read,the circumstances made me think..forced me to think.. What do I really want ? I reflected on my past and made an analysis of what I enjoyed,what made me happy,what I should be doing with what Allah has blessed me with,how I can serve the Ummah etc.

Looking back,I realized that the moments that made me happy and that I enjoyed were during sports day-organizing and practising marching and Cricket in groups,school fetes,college and school fests,organizing events-fundraisers,health camps,charity drives,volunteering in social causes-old age homes,orphanages,islamic school events,speaking on muslim youth and women topics,writing on daily events and youth and women issues from an Islamic perspective,dawah in school and college campus..

I realized that I took up Botany because I loved Biology more than any other subject and thats it.
I didnt see myself 3 to 5 years later and what I would do then and where I would end up or it would lead to. A choice without vision.

With time as I began to get involved in different things,the Botany classes wouldnt permit me to take part. Very interesting subject,no doubt but extensive.

The time and energy that I wanted to give to the work I loved.. I couldnt because I would get tired-9 am to 5 pm.

At the end of 3rd year,I was upset. I spoke to the seniormost professor of my department,Dr.Illora Sen (I would do Dawah to her and gave her dawah material and my Burooj project,Creation ? Evolution ? Or Both ? ) and told her my issue. She gave me a beautiful advise ! Alhamdulillah.

I told her,”Ma’am,by the mid of 2nd year,I realized my heart was attached to and yearning for something else.”

I told her that I enjoyed the panel and group discussions,organizing and hosting events more.
I told her,”I didnt like memorizing rather I wanted to relate botany with us humans and our life. I dont want to study it the way everyone does. It can be so boring that way.”

I shared my reflections on- Photosynthesis and social change with her. She was sharing her reflections with me.

She told me,”Madiha,you know what we do in life,what we study is never a waste if you get the essence of it. In your case,the essence of Botany. The world will see it in one way. You see it your way. Connect things and the world will make sense. Think and reflect. What you learn from it make it a part of your life and to enrich yourself as a human being.God blesses each one with a different set of talents and qualities. Dont waste it. What you want is not something easy nor will there be much support but never mind. Dare to be different. Stand out from the crowd. With the God touch anything is possible. Have faith.”

She told me about my flaws and my good points and advised me on how to go about it and become productive.

The last 1 year,the circumstances,the conversations,the Dawah experiences,the challenges,the events,the people I met.. Alhamdulillah changed me quite a lot. Allah made it possible.

Earlier,the human in me would rebel,protest and raise voice against everything and anything at home or outside. With time,the Muslim in me made me see people and my self as a human who errs,as a slave of Allah,who is need of Him and must bow before Him and His Commands to stand up against evil and the world.

The Muslim in me reminded me of the incidents of the past,what I heard in Khutbahs or what I learnt in Burooj or read in Quran and hadith.. That helped me deal with things atleast better than I would do before. That was motivation,encouragement,Alhamdulillah.

Every time I saw something that made me angry,upset,disheartened..the Muslim in me told me,
“Allah has made you a Muslim. You have a duty towards humanity. If you cant change the world for the better then the least is change yourself for the better. People will break your heart,put barriers and make life difficult..forgive them and move on as a positive person. Your Rabb is watching and He Knows. Let Him deal with them. You do your work and keep striving so that you can tell Allah,Ya Rabb,I tried my best. The rest wasnt in my control. You are a Muslim youth. The Muslim Youth in the past had a vision and a mission and they brought change.”

Dear sisters and brothers,to many it would seem like I am bragging but Allah knows I am not. I said what happened. May Allah Forgive me for my sins. Ameen. In the past,I have always tried to share my stories with people as we all learn from each others experiences and mistakes and it could help others.

May Allah make me and all the Muslim Youth.. Youth with a vision and a mission. May Allah make us productive and motivated for His Sake. May Allah make us role models and the winds of change. Ameen


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