Live for Allah

Live for Allah. Live for the Sake of Allah. Live to worship Allah,to earn the Pleasure of Allah. Live to earn Jannah.

*If you do that then it wont matter if people are selfish. It wont matter if they hurt you,abuse you,take advantage of you.
It wont matter if people dont appreciate your efforts. It wont matter if your expectations of others or yourself are not fulfilled. It wont matter if people dont return your favours. It wont matter if you are the only one standing up for the truth and the rest are quiet. It wont matter if after all the hard work,you are criticized only for mistakes and the hard work,the good you did was not brought to light.
It wont matter if you dont get what you desired.

Islam is indeed beautiful. It is a way of life,truly !

*In this journey of worldly life,there are ups and downs..the turbulent times and the good times.

Islam helps us to be stable individuals who are not extremely overwhelmed,depressed,hurt during calamities and not even extremely happy and excited during good times that we become arrogant or forget Allah or do the haram when partying/celebrating etc.

Alhamdulillah,for being a Muslim. Alhamdulillah,for Islam.

Reminds me of the hadith,Strange is the case of the believer..during bad times he is patient (sabr) and during good times he is grateful (shukr) and so he is rewarded for both.

*Our Prophet Muhammad pbuh had lived and showed us how Islam is perfect and a way of life.

*Few incidents of the past,I often think about are:

1)In Makkah,Muslims were few in number and even during battles,inspite of the small number,victory belonged to us. Allah made His Deen victorious.

2)Leaders today misuse power. They spend the wealth and use the power for selfish motives. What happens to the people under them is not their concern ! Whether people live or die,whether they suffer or are happy,whether the people are becoming better or worse.. No worries nothing ! As long as their bank balance increases,their social status should be intact.

I am amazed at how Allah blessed our prophet Muhammad pbuh with such character and made him a role model for us.

He was concerned about the people’s welfare,their personal growth and development and we see the result of this. There was a positive change. There emerged people like Abu Bakr r.a,Umar r.a,Uthman r.a,Ali r.a,Musab ibn Umair,Saad ibn Waqqas,Khalid bin Waleed and others.

When we read about the Sahabahs in details we will be amazed.

3)A sahabi had dark skin and he wished to marry. So,he went to Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Prophet pbuh told him to go and ask for the hand of the daughter of a well known powerful leader.

When the Sahabi goes and asks the father..the father is shocked and boasts about his daughters beauty. The Sahabi mentions that prophet pbuh had sent him. The father tells him to go away. The daughter overhears and tells him to stop. She said if prophet pbuh had sent the Sahabi,she was willing to marry. He was elated.

He went to the Messenger of Allah pbuh and informed him. He was told to go and take 200 dirhams from 2 sahabis. Then he goes to buy gifts for his future wife,who is beautiful.

When he goes to shop,he hears the announcement and the call for Jihad was made. He bought a sword and a horse instead of gifts and went to fight. He covered his face as he was afraid that prophet pbuh would tell him something. He fought bravely and was martyred. Prophet pbuh then informed the other Sahabahs what Allah revealed about the fate of this Sahabi ! Allahu Akbar !

4)Musab ibn Umair,a young Sahabi,who before embracing Islam was a flamboyant youth,the most desired young man,his mother was a rich and powerful lady. He gave up everything for the Sake of Allah.

This young sahabi,he dedicated his life to serve Allah and nothing mattered to him. Allah was his priority. He was sent by Prophet pbuh to do Dawah and Ma sha Allah,he brought people to Islam.

May Allah make us focused individuals. May Allah make us people with a vision and a mission,people with purpose.

Quran,Surah Al-An’am ,

“Say (O Muhammad SAW: “Verily, my Salât (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists). ”

May Allah make us of those who pray and say and live that way. Ameen


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