Live Islam and not just talk about it

As time passes by,I realize that when we only talk about Islam,it might not be effective Dawah…

But when we represent Islam..when Islam is reflected in our thinking,our actions,reactions, our dealings with people.. That can prove to be effective,it can make them think differently,in sha Allah.

That is how our Prophet Muhammad pbuh was and how the Sahabahs were. Their character,their thinking,their dealing with people-it reflected Islam and that is why they could make a difference,they could bring a change !

We need to ask ourselves-Are we an asset to this Deen ?Do our actions bring people towards Islam or take them away from Islam?

If we want to bring change,we have to be the change ! We have to practise Islam and make it an integral part of our lives.

Remember,my dear sisters and brothers,Islam is not just a religion or a philosophy .. It is a Way of Life !

Allah has sent the Quran-the Book of Guidance. Allah has sent Prophet Muhammad pbuh-a role model for us to follow.

We are not left alone,not left astray.We have Islam!

Let us make a sincere effort and strive to live the Islamic Way.. In sha Allah,we will then be unique individuals..we will then be the change..we will then bring the change !

We will then have a clear sense of purpose..we will have a clear vision..we will then be able to channelize our resources in the right way and head towards a destiny,in sha Allah !

May Allah Help us to live a life of purpose. May Allah make us focused individuals,motivated for His Sake. May Allah Help us to live like a true slave of His,to obey Him and His Messenger. May Allah make us true representatives,standard bearers of Islam. Ameen.


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