Small Issues

My own brother (M) and cousin brother (AR) were playing cricket and they had a fight. (Age-5+)

M said,”but he is not bowling properly. I will not play with him.”

AR said,”M pushed me while taking a run,I will not play with him.”

They both started crying and shouting. I heard and went to them. I brought them to the same room..holding them close..

I asked,”M and AR-you want Shaytan to be happy or Allah to be happy? ”

They said,”Allah.”

I said,”You are brothers,right ? When brothers fight Shaytan is happy. Remember Shaytan wants you to fight,he is your dushman..will you let him win ?”

Innocent souls,while crying they said,”No.”

I said,”Come,Khadijah and I will also play. Lets make 2 teams. M or AR,who wants to be my partner ?”

AR says,”No,I will be M’s partner.” M is happy.

So,a cricket match was played between a brothers team and a sisters team.

Khadijah (12 year old) and I,both were saying,”Look,together they are playing so well. We will lose.”

We let them win. We were repeating again and again that when we are united,we will be victorious,in sha Allah.


I remember as a teenager when I would witness kids fighting,elders getting involved and arguments and negative feelings developing between parties..
I would think that wasnt there a way to solve it peacefully ? Why would elders fight because of the kids fight during play ?

It doesnt make sense.

What is surprising is the fact that the elders take it personally and it becomes an “I” vs “You” war. Allahu Akbar !

Petty Issues and we want “haqq”..justice,we
want to win.

If this is a major concern and a source of worry and sadness.. If these things make you determined,energized .. It is very sad.

Why ?

There are so many bigger issues that need our attention and time.

Instead of wasting energy by quarrelling and arguing and breaking the unity and creating a disturbing atmosphere.. Why not focus on important matters ?

And when such small things happen..solve it peacefully and in a manner that will create a happy and peaceful atmosphere and love and good feelings between people.

When a family (smallest unit in society) is united,when there is love and respect among the members..they will be able to contribute towards making this world a better place,in sha Allah.

Remember we are Muslims,we have to be focused individuals.

We have to remember our purpose.. We have to be people with a vision and a mission.

We have to set goals and work hard to reach them. We have to keep in mind the bigger picture.

We have to utilize our energy,talent,resources to bring about positive change in the world,to benefit mankind for the Sake of Allah.

We cant waste our time over small issues like elders fighting when kids fight or yelling at other drivers on the road etc.

We are not here to do that. Allah has blessed us with Islam and made us Muslims.

We are here to enjoin good,forbid evil,to spread peace.. We are here to benefit the world,the people for His Sake.

May Allah make us people with a vision and a mission. May Allah Help us to stay focused at all times and in all places. May Allah Guide us all. May Allah make us motivated for His Sake. May Allah Help us to utilize everything we have to earn His Pleasure. Ameen.


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