Muslim,the trendsetter

A Muslim is meant to be unique..meant to be different.

He should stand out wherever he goes. He should bring change wherever he goes. He should be the winds of change.

He should be an asset to the school,college,workplace,family,community,groups,world.

A Muslim is meant to be a trendsetter.. He should set the trend and others would follow. His footsteps should be a guide for others. His thoughts and words a source of inspiration and encouragement for others.

When he walks in,there should be a change…positive vibes..where people feel comfortable and they know that there is someone who is genuine and cares,who will give the best and sincere advise,who will encourage..motivate..inspire !

A Muslim is one who should take initiatives to bring positive change either by sharing his ideas or by working hard and trying to make a difference at whatever level possible.

Islam is a unique religion. Muslims are meant to be unique.

Our character,our personality,our behaviour,our thoughts should be such that others should be able to see the reflection of Islam in us.

A story (I had heard in a khutbah) comes to mind. There was a Sahabi who had a shop in the street. A Christian comes to buy wheat.

The Sahabi said he had the wheat but there was a shop,a Christian’s shop near his shop..and he should buy from there because that man hadnt got sale that day and he himself had enough sale to feed his family.

That Christian man goes and then he comes back to the Sahabi’s shop. The Sahabi asked if he got what he wanted. The Christian man said yes but there is something else I want and I want to know more about it…the Eeman !

Subhanallah !

May Allah make us a source of inspiration for others. May Allah make us unique and instil in our hearts love for His Deen. May Allah make Islam a part of our character,our personality,our thoughts,words and actions. Ameen


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