Let it be a comma but never a full stop

Very often we plan big things and we work hard to achieve them. Sometimes,we dont get the result we wanted.

I was a Botany Honours student and our classes would be from 9:45 am to 4:15 pm for 2 years and in 3rd year 10 am to 4:45 or 5 pm.. Tiring and hectic but enjoyable,Alhamdulillah.

I was into extra curricular activies in both schools,Alhamdulillah. In high school..even with pure science subjects..we would participate in and organize events-fetes,social programmes like we care (for old age homes),exhibitions,inter house events…also school fests.

Naturally,when I joined college,I wanted to do all that. Our teachers had told us that we wont get time for all that and our subject demands attention,energy so we should have limited extra curricular activity.

I enjoy studying E.V.E and as an Ecology and JPIC member,I had participated in events…like spreading awareness,skits,posters etc. So,I requested my teachers in 1st year to let me organize Earth Day-a skit and powerpoint,make badges and we invite an eminent professor. I promised to get every detail ready in 2 weeks. They agreed.

Alhamdulillah,my class supported. The professor,the teachers of other department and my department appreciated.

After that,I tried doing similar things in 2nd year but didnt get a response meaning the syllabus and excursion was an issue so it didnt happen.

All along,I would take part in the Creative Writing,Poster Making competitions (told 4 friends to take part and they took part for the 1st time and won),Panel discussion on Identity of a Woman,Sports Day-organizing,practising marching,volunteering in college annual day,bengali department events(had a friend there),hosting and powerpoint presentations for our department events. I loved organizing,being among people and doing things together,Alhamdulillah.

I requested my teachers to allow me to participate and represent my department. They would encourage me. I.S.Ma’am and R.P.Ma’am were my well wishers. They would be so happy. Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah,that kept me going. Also Dawah to students and professors during events,library work,break time were a boost,Alhamdulillah ( that was after completing Dawah module in Diploma from Iou.)

Since class 9,it was my desire to start cricket. Didnt happen in 10 but we played during P.E. Class…then in high school,we took part in Birla fest and we made a team and participated.

In college,we would have marching practise from
8 am so we would go a bit early and few of us would play with my bat and ball. I requested others to join me and request the head at that time. Not much interest from others. I approached our P.E.teacher..an elderly gentleman who is compassionate. He supported me.

At the end of 3 years..Alhamdulillah,Allah gave me success and we had the 1st ever Inter Stream Cricket tournament in our college. We managed to get a proper cricket setup-equipment,jerseys,team and umpires,rules.

The struggle began in 1st year-just managed Earth Day..so Allah Helped me continue with my participation and volunteering in the 3 years…atleast that kept me motivated that I wasnt just doing nothing or wasting time or not utilizing time,energy,talent. Also,I had a hard time with studies..the huge syllabus,practicals,the timing in addition to the 1.5 hours in the morning.. I knew if my grades were affected I wouldnt be allowed to participate.

The struggles were many but Allah Helped me overcome.

To my sisters,who dream big and desire to do big things,this small experience in college taught me a lot.

I know a lot of people who want to do big things,help others and bring change at high levels and I know it isnt easy.

*people will put barriers and at times,its the near and dear ones. The family wont allow etc.

*safety issues.

*you are not perfect and you want to do all this ?

*ek insaan se kuch nahi hoga.

*itna kyu khatna. Isse acha ye karo and wo karo.

*tumhe hi har kaam karna hai. Baki logon ko
karna hoga to karenge etc.

There are so many barriers..so should you give up ?

No !

What can you do ?

Keep trying. Make dua to Allah to make doing good easy for you. Allah will make way where there seems to be no way.

Things may not happen the way you wanted but it will be good,in sha Allah.

*If family offers barriers..Involve them.
You can ask the elderly for advise and help in funds and organization part .

For camps and relief,let the men in your family be in touch with the brothers.

*Initially,doing intensive work will not be easy. Start Small.

*I started with sending a good quote sms to people for a year or so. Save the sms balance and dont waste in gossip. Send motivating and encouraging quotes to a group of people.

*I started writing after class 12. I write about what I observe and experience in school,college,workplace,family,friends..scenary..anything that affects me,inspires me,changes me,makes me happy,hurts me..anything and everything !

*Then I started whatsapp groups-sharing articles -others and mine,khutbahs,quotes..audios,videos…and dawah to non muslims.

*Then the facebook pages followed by my blogs. Alhamdulillah.

*interaction with young people in college and Burooj,Alhamdulillah.

These little things helped me,gave me experiences that helped me during dawah in college.. It helps me even today,Alhamdulillah.

Dear Sisters,trust Allah.

When your intentions are good,when you trust Allah and make dua..He makes way,where there seems to be no way.

Allah has blessed us with so much and yet we dont do justice and utilize everything we have to earn His Pleasure,to obey Him.

Little has been done. There is a long way to go and so much has to be done. May Allah Help us. Ameen.

Do not lose hope.

May Allah make doing good easy for us. May Allah keep us sincere and Guide us all.Ameen.

If your intention is good,Allah will Help you and make way for you,in sha Allah.

Keep striving ! Dont give up.

My dad (who encourages and supports me in these things) puts it this way:
“Let it be a comma but never a full stop.”


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