Has anyone Deceived you ? Cheated you ?

If a person betrays you..deceives you..cheats you..takes advantage of you…

You might know. You might not know. But Allah knows. Allah is All-Knowing,All-Aware.

The deceiver might think he/she has fooled you and he thinks he/she will not be caught.

The world,the people might be unaware and fooled. But Allah,the Lord of the People cant be deceived.

To such people-who play with others feelings,who cheat people,who deceive people,

Know that if you have successfully deceived and escaped the people and the worldly punishments .. Allah,the Creator of all things that exist and of man and Jinn,the King of the Day of Judgement.. You cant deceive or escape Him. He will catch you and punish you.

May Allah protect us from people who deceive,cheat and take advantage of people and may Allah protect us from being one. Ameen.


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